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If you homeschool your children or just want them to have the best chance for success, the math tricks that are taught by Brainetics may help. The phrase “math tricks” may be a little misleading, because the Brainetics learning system is not just about learning tricks or memorizing facts. It goes beyond that and helps children (as well as adults) learn to learn better.

From a better memory to clearer thinking and more focus, there are a lot of benefits that Brainetics can provide. To help clear up some of the negative thoughts about math tricks out there, we want to break down exactly how Brainetics can help with memory by using math.

One of the first signs that the math tricks you learn with Brainetics really work, all you need to do is look at the 2008 Parents’ Choice Gold Award that the learning system received. Beyond this, there are all the different positive reviews and testimonials out there – from students, teachers, and parents.

Mike Byster, who created Brainetics, has been called a Mathemagician by some because of his ability to easily work with numbers. Now, all of his math tricks are available to anyone who takes the time to learn them. The best news is that you can get everything you need simply by purchasing the Brainetics system.

While the term math tricks is nice, it may not adequately describe all that the Brainetics system offers. One of the best things about Brainetics is that it trains BOTH sides of the brain. Too often – especially when learning math tricks – children are taught with only one side of their brain. This can make it harder for some children (and adults) to be able to pick up the math.

Brainetics is best for children who already have a basic understanding of math – knowing their multiplication tables, for instance – as this is the way to get the most out of working with Brainetics. The math tricks they are able to learn will amaze their teachers and friends, while also helping them learn to have better control of their mind. From clearer thinking to more focus, Brainetics can really help above and beyond simple math tricks.

Having said that, being able to multiply 2 two digit numbers in your head is not a bad skill to have. Using math tricks, it’s quite easy to be able to deal with small and even medium sized numbers, multiplying them quickly without pen and paper. And with Brainetics, you get access to a lot of different tricks that can help with math.

You could scour the Internet for days or weeks on your own and still not get everything that comes with the Brainetcs learning system. Being able to get everything you need all in one package is really great, which is why Brainetics has been selling so well since it was first offered many years ago.

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